From Update #15: Freebies upgrades

From Update #15: Freebies upgrades

16th Apr 2018

Freebies Re-skin and New Freebies

As promised, we re-skinned some of the freebies or turned them into different objects so you don't end up with tons of the same accessories. You'll get the crates in various different colors, just like we did for the containers in the PDF.

But since there was so many of them, we've simply replaced a few with other accessories.

So you are getting a least 4 completely new freebies:

A Stone and Gold Sarcophagus

Although its finish is completely in sync with the other elements of the Cathedral, we've designed this sarcophagus so that you can use it whether you are a SciFi or a Fantasy gamer.


An Arcade Game Cabinet

Even Sisters have to chill out sometimes, so what's better than a furious game of Space Nuns to blow off some steam? With its 80's retro feel mixed with the Sisters’ Gothic aesthetics, you get another cool piece of furniture to equip a recreation room in your gothic daedalus. Or maybe even Arthenia VI, the Archpapess, has got one in her private apartments for when she's in the mood for some rad retro-gaming?

This image is a work-in-progress, the perspective effect cannot be rendered correctly on this flat image. 

Space Nuns video arcade

A Church Pew

This was truly needed. It will make a great addition for both Sci-Fi and Fantasy gamers. And to make sure you've got enough of these if you want to dress up a large part of your cathedral with them, we will also put it in the PDF file so you can make more if needed.

A Church Pew

A Relic / Resurrection Pod

A pod that stands up that you can place against a wall, like a cyber version of the Sarcophagus. When a resurrection procedure doesn’t work as planned, the body of the deceased is preserved in a special kind of pod. Sometimes the soul can be recaptured in the body, sometime not. In that case, if the deceased is a very special character like a saint, he or she can become an animated relic. You’ll probably discover what a relic is in TGG3… a truly frightening sight to behold.