Shipping Costs

The shipping fee covers more than shipping. It also includes handling, packing, and packaging materials.

Please budget approximately 10 to 15% of your total pledge amount for shipping. We will only collect shipping fees when we are getting close to ship. This way, we don’t immobilise your funds unnecessarily.

I'm going to be away when you ship / I'm moving / I don't yet have an address for you...

No problem. When you Checkout of the Pledge Manager, enter your address exactly this way:

  • Name: enter Your name
  • Street: write DO NOT SHIP
  • City: write DO NOT SHIP
  • Postal Code: 00000 (or any other if that doesn't work)
  • Country: enter the country where we will ship your Rewards

Then, contact us when you are ready to receive your shipment and give us your correct address.


Other Questions?

If your case is not covered here, please contact us.